GrooveCar Adds Robust New Features to Vehicle Buying Platform

It's all about leveraging technology to deliver the best experience!

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Business Development Reminders for Auto Loan Growth

Is your credit union placing enough emphasis on the value derived from business development activities? Tapping into existing relationships, from members to vendors, to nurture opportunities is often an overlooked activity. Doing it well means avoiding selling at your prospect. Instead, you must change your perspective, as you might be missing openings that will lead to greater value and spark member interest. Nothing happens until there's a product that will create revenue for the credit union that a member also craves.

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Where’s email engagement headed?

A look at how trends to capture the attention

There’s a good deal of valuable time being spent on creating email campaigns. With all the effort that goes into creating the right message, choosing the best template and sending it out at just the right time; how can our chances of success be more in our favor? Email remains one of the most effective means of communicating with members. It is a marketing activity that should be at the top of the list for all credit unions when prioritizing time spent on various engagement activities. There are important rules to consider keeping member interest high, and unsubscribes low. Here are some important trends to consider:

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GrooveCar Demonstrates Online Car Buying Innovation

The latest online auto buying innovation at booth #300 CUNA ACUC Show in Las Vegas

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GrooveCar’s CU Xpress Lease Reports Q1 2017 Growth

Auto leasing popularity on Long Island brings members into showrooms

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