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Tinker Federal Credit Union Partners with GrooveCar

Vehicle buying platform customized for to over 356,000 members.

HAUPPAUGE, NY (Feb. 6, 2018) – Oklahoma’s largest credit union, Tinker Federal Credit Union, has joined the GrooveCar program. In doing so, Tinker FCU is ushering in a convenient and safe way for members to research and shop for vehicles online. The popularity of searching for vehicles online continues to climb with members of all age brackets. The average consumer spends 14 hours over 4 months on the internet researching their vehicle, each with different needs, and wants. “The GrooveCar program was designed to be customizable, with the ability to hone in on the goals of our credit union partners and help them engage members by serving them at the beginning of the car buying process. Too often, credit unions are solely focused on the loan, which happens at the end of the car shopping process. They miss out on valuable opportunities to reach to the member throughout the entire process,” explains Robert O’Hara, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, GroooveCar.

Tinker Federal Credit Union had specific goals in mind that GrooveCar could deploy for them. “GrooveCar collaborated with Tinker FCU to incorporate their single sign-on technology. This integration encourages a secure data exchange with Tinker, allowing customized data authentication and a personalized auto shopping experience for their members,” states O’Hara. Ultimately, the purpose of this feature is to capture more leads. By integrating this technology, TFCU members use the site without having to create a username and password. A more convenient way to access their information as they continue to return to the site, over-and-over again. Another bonus? The credit union can gain greater insight into the members’ online preferences.

GrooveCar worked with Tinker FCU to create a fully integrated platform allowing the credit union to communicate with members with timely marketing messages, solicit for pre-approvals as well as incorporating a host of other features well-known to the resource. “GrooveCar has been a great partner. We have been able to provide our members with an excellent auto buying tool right from the TFCU website. This allows our members to shop for cars through our local network of dealers, comparison shop, and get valuation on trade-ins and pre-approval for financing. All through the TFCU online experience,” adds Davis Willis, COO, Tinker Federal Credit Union.

Online vehicle research and shopping is the go-to resource for consumers at all stages in the vehicle buying process. The program has been come a vital tool for credit unions to serve members. GrooveCar has harnessed the power of online shopping for its credit union partners by refining the process for the member while providing a resource for the credit union to engage at all stages. The point being, the turn-key resource offers the features members are looking for that helps the credit union guide, assist and service along them along way.

Tinker Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Oklahoma City. The credit union serves 356,578 members through 31 branches in the state. TFCU is member owned and managed with $3.7 billion in assets.