GrooveCar’s CU Xpress Lease Announces Car Leasing Webinar

Credit unions will learn how to take advantage of this lucrative market

CU Xpress Lease, the nation’s leading auto lease program for credit unions announces, “Why Lease? Why Now? It’s time for more credit unions to enter the auto lease market,” on November 10th, addressing the highly profitable and exclusive lease market. The program, now in its 10th year, has experienced a 40% YTD growth over 2015 and its’ credit union partners are on pace to fund approximately $1 billion in leases by the end of 2016. The webinar is open to all credit unions and will address how leasing has become the finance option of choice for many throughout key regions of the U.S. As leasing continues to expand, this informative webinar will provide an in depth view of how to position your credit union for success and benefit from market conditions. “It’s important for credit unions to gain a greater market share of this business. This webinar will leave those attending with a better understanding of how to get started and grow, as credit unions have a unique advantage,” explains Robert O’Hara, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar Inc.

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CU Xpress Lease Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

GrooveCar’s national car leasing program for credit unions hits milestone

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Video marketing as a key component of your communications strategy

Is video marketing part of your member engagement strategy? It should be. Video marketing is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication to reach your membership. Video production is attainable for credit unions of all sizes and a preferable way of communicating with a large portion of your membership.

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GrooveCar Adds 25 New Credit Union Partners to Program in Q3 2017

Over 300,000 new members now have access to online auto buying

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GrooveCar's Annual 10 Day Auto Sale for Credit Unions Kicks Off October 20th

Credit union members receive savings off their next vehicle purchase

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