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Our Partners Have Funded Over 155,000 Leases Totaling $5.6 Billion+ Since 2006


Leasing is your solution for loan growth — become a full-service auto lender

CU Xpress Lease is the nation's premier auto lease program for credit unions with a portfolio in excess of $5.6 billion and 155,000 leases. Our program allows credit unions to enter the highly profitable and exclusive lease market while incrementally capturing more loans at the point of sale. We are the only provider that guarantees 100% residual value at lease maturity! Leasing is in strong demand and is poised for continued growth. Let CU Xpress Lease be your trusted partner!

Why are Consumers Leasing?

  • Lower monthly payments than traditional finance loans
  • No money down option
  • New car every 3-4 years
  • Maintenance expense typically covered during term
  • New cars satisfy demand for improved technology and safety

"Our lease portfolio consists of primarily A-quality paper, and the performance has been outstanding. When you combine this with the product's payment-driven financing approach, resulting yields exceed traditional auto loan spreads."

— Chuck Price, AVP of Lending,
Jovia FCU ($3.4 Billion Assets)



Payment of full residual value and collection of any excess wear & tear



Average FICO Score



Average Look-to-Book Ratio

Profit from Our Experience

Our experience spans decades in all aspects of automotive industry operations, analysis, strategic planning, and marketing. Our business model focuses on providing competitive programs that are financially sound for the company, the credit union and its members. Credit unions can achieve a return on investment balanced with a volume objective to reach an optimal mix of growth and profit.

Partner with the Best

Your credit union has always been a smart choice for auto financing; now credit union members can enjoy all the same money-saving membership advantages and more with CU Xpress Lease, conveniently provided at authorized franchised new auto dealerships. Our turn-key leasing program generates a solid return on investment and high member satisfaction. This program conforms to all NCUA regulations for credit union leasing.

The Difference Is Remarketing

The foundation of our program is built on the extensive auto lease remarketing history and proprietary remarketing processes of our sister company Fusion Auto Finance; it's what distinguishes the CU Xpress Lease program from any other residual-based financing available to credit unions in the market today. Core competencies in residual value analysis and lease-end account management help mitigate the most challenging risks associated with automotive leasing. Fusion manages all residual value risk so credit unions can devote their efforts to credit risk and member service.

Why Leasing?

Why should you or your members settle for a partial product offering when it comes to auto sales? The national average of new car sales that are leased is currently at 31% and in select markets it can be as high as 70%. Since leasing plays a significant role in point-of-sale auto purchasing, offering a competitive lease product at point of sale will result in more quality loans in both credit and profitability, acquisition of new members, and greater relevancy with your local dealerships.

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