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GrooveCar Spotlight: Robert O’Hara, Director of Credit Union Relations

GrooveCar Spotlight: Robert O’Hara

Robert O’Hara, the Director of Credit Union Relations, joined the GrooveCar family in 2011. Day-to-day, he oversees the credit union clients and revenue streams of GrooveCar and GrooveCar Direct, working to establish new credit union business relationships for the brands while maintaining relationships with key management personnel at each credit union. Additionally, Robert is responsible for developing, implementing, and tracking revenue and utilization targets for our credit union clients.

“My favorite thing about working at GrooveCar would definitely be the daily collaboration with our credit union partners and my colleagues,” Robert said. “In concert with these relationships, I take great satisfaction in playing a lead role in overcoming the many challenges that come up throughout the year, specifically as it pertains to assisting our partners in attaining their strategic goals along with our own critical targets and initiatives.”

Why are you proud to work at GrooveCar?
There are several reasons. They take great care of their employees, foster an environment where one’s ideas and observations are valued, and employ an advanced level of financial and strategic planning to ensure the company, their employees, and their business partners are well positioned for future success.

What is your favorite memory at GrooveCar?
There have been many memorable moments over the past ten years. However, what resonates with me when I think of this question is the rich collection of friendships and connections with those I have had the pleasure of working with during that time. The sum of these countless connections has led to so many memories filled with great stories, laughs, and learning experiences. For me, that is what I cherish the most.  

What was your first car?
Oldsmobile Delta 88 – there are boats that are smaller

What do you currently drive?
2021 Chevy Tahoe

What is your dream car?
1959 Chevy Impala

What is your favorite movie car?
1986 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country – “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”

Since 1999, GrooveCar has been the leading provider of automotive lending solutions for credit unions. Our suite of products and services empower credit unions to close more loans while enhancing the member experience. We are fully committed to the success of our credit union partners. Additional information can be found here.