Imagine your credit union as an NFL team playing in the harsh competition of the Super Bowl. It’s the 4thquarter and the game is tied. The world is watching. Everything you do is magnified. Your successes are amplified, but on the flipside, your mistakes are never forgotten. The same goes for member engagement and customer service at your organization.  

It’s common human experience that you can do everything right 99% of the time, but people will only remember the other 1%. That mindset should apply to every interaction with your members. A smile and friendly demeanor goes a long way to making your customers feel comfortable in working with you. A lapse in attitude can ruin rapport with a person and diminish the chances of them trusting you with their money. Train your staff to always be on their customer service “A-game” and your members will truly feel like they are part of an approachable and safe community.

What else can we learn about member engagement from the Super Bowl? How about those teams that boast about all the rings they have won in the past? How many of those rings were won in a time before television, or at a time when there were only a few teams in the league? The truth is, it doesn't matter what happened before. It only counts from here on out. Touting that your credit union won some customer service award in 2006, or that you have 20 brick and mortar branches might not matter to the member (or potential member) standing right in front of you. It might be something you celebrate within your organization, or perhaps as a fond memory, but the average member can only look at those trophies and simply hope that you stay a winning team forever. Don’t let it be a gamble: Make it your company’s standard to continually exceed every single one of your customer’s expectations. That’s how you create rabid, lifelong super fans.

Don’t forget to look at it as a team effort. Everyone on your staff and in your organization needs to do their job to exceed expectations. Otherwise, you just won't win. Everyone, and I mean, everyone, wants to be on the winning team so make sure your customers feel that they can go back to you again and again to WIN! People don’t get tired of winning and if they feel good about you, they’ll recruit their friends and family so they can all win together. With a mindset and strategy like that, how can you possibly lose?

It’s important that you never lose sight of how high the stakes are in this industry. Your credit union has made it to the perpetual Super Bowl and you can either win the glory or fade into embarrassing obscurity… It’s your members that make that decision.

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