By: Eric Budzinski, AVP Marketing, GrooveCar

Let’s get this year started with some new ideas that can be implemented into our marketing strategy. Here’s a look at trends you may want to think about in the year ahead.

Need some fresh ideas to spruce up your marketing plan for 2017? Look no further! With optimism abound for this New Year, I encourage credit unions to incorporate new ideas to inspire engagement and dialogue with members. In my article for CU Insight entitled, 6 Marketing Trends to Boost Member Engagement in 2017, I cover some easy to deploy strategies to get things moving. At this point marketers need to step away from the old tired way of doing things and look around; this was the inspiration for the first marketing trend outlined: Ditching the Data.

Too often we want to hold our feet to the fire with analytics, which do not always paint the complete picture. Credit unions are in an enviable position of working with members and getting to know them on levels banks can only dream about. This is a huge bonus and one that takes little to no effort to deploy; simple observation. Looking around and taking in what members need and how they interact will go a long way when coming up with marketing ideas. Observation will also provide greater insight into your analytics.

From social media paid content to video live streaming, these options are worth the look. Credit unions with rich content and member programs can realize a boost in member engagement with some easy to use features in Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Let’s not forget about LinkedIn, business people make great members too!

Another trend I will add to the list is Influencer Marketing…thank you for the feedback and comment on the CU Insight article thread. This was not included in my article as it is something that takes a bit more planning and resources to deploy. What is influencer marketing and how can your credit union take advantage of this?

This form of marketing can shape the conversations you are having. According to, “Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market.” This form of marketing goes together with two other forms of marketing: social media and content marketing. An example of this would be utilizing trusted and respected experts in your community, industry or demographic to increase brand awareness and build an audience. Those who leave a product reviews are influencers, bloggers are influencers, and so on.

With any new marketing program, keep it simple to start, get comfortable with the messaging and keep improving it.

I just want to add that I greatly appreciate the response and sharing of my article on CU Insight. Please give it a read if you have the opportunity at:

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