By: Eric Budzinski, AVP Marketing, GrooveCar Inc.

A review of trends that make a difference in your marketing strategy.

The most important task in marketing is making sure your credit union is visible. Sounds simple enough, especially with all the tools available in the marketer’s tool box, right? Well, that might be just the problem, spreading ourselves too thin over so many channels without homing in on a few that work. In a perfect world, we’d like to think that once we drop that stone into the internet pond, our visibility will just ripple out and touch every member. It doesn’t work that way and getting it just right involves some trial and error.

Staying focused is vital, especially when we look at how diverse our member base is. We do really want to be provide something to everyone, and we can, it just takes patience and a strategic plan. I like to use a laser approach versus a shotgun, results are generally much better.

Here are some trends that work on everyone, yes everyone, so your efforts will not be wasted and your time spread thin:

Focus on the customer experience—this is something we can all get behind. Who doesn’t like to feel valued? This can be accomplished through marketing strategies and positive interactions in person and with digital touch points.

Analytics—I know, this can be a bummer to look at, but we must go to the mats with the numbers. This is a great way to discover where you are spending your time effectively and where…you’re not.

Personalization—Mass consumption is out; “What’s in it for me?” Is in. Think Coca-Cola cans with names on them, what are some of the ways you can personalize the experience for members? Keep the individual in mind.

Video—I will keep harping on this. Video tells the story of your brand more effectively. There are so many great video software programs available. Embed your finished creation in a personalize message in an email blast. Remember, your GrooveCar program has a library full of videos that are just waiting for you to use them.

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