By: Robert O'Hara, VP Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar & CU Xpress Lease

Credit unions should be keenly aware of how to promote their products and services to their members utilizing the skills of employees and outside sources. The first step begins with understanding your audience. Often this is confined to just your members but it doesn’t have to be. Cast a wide net, and influence membership especially with popular products such as car loans. With auto buying reaching historic levels and credit union membership on the rise, this is the perfect climate to try something new.

Taking their auto buying resource directly to the airwaves is Emery Federal Credit Union, located in Cincinnati, with a TV infomercial that aired on Star 64 at the Movies. Featured in the spot is Todd Cain, CEO of Emery, who is a natural in this setting. Positioning your credit union’s message throughout many media platforms is good strategy. Consistency is key to success, but reach is very important, this accomplishes that goal. Follow the link to watch.

When reviewing your credit union’s strategic marketing plan, why not branch out and cast a wide net? Members, and consumers who are not yet members, are looking to finance a new vehicle, try reaching them through an infomercial. Educating the next generation of members is key component to growth and one that will develop the trust to keep them members for life.

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