By: Robert O'Hara, VP Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar & CU Xpress Lease

The customer experience has become as important as the product a business is offering. A mobile phone company recently did a survey that found 88% of customers prefer doing business with a company that provides quality customer service, over a company that has the latest innovative products. The fact is, consumers want a good experience to address their needs. Customer service is just one aspect of the “service package,” the other is the experience you provide during the buying journey. As one marketer put it, “Price and quality gets you in the game, service and customer experience wins the game.” This mantra has become the new battle ground for winning members.

Considered a true differentiator between you and your competitors, the customer experience is akin to hosting a party; your guests expect you to deliver. A member takes a journey with your brand every time they interact with you. What will this experience with you do for them? How will your credit union skillfully manage their satisfaction levels? One way is to sync your customer service with your credit union’s mobile experience.

Accessing a company through mobile devices is a vital component of how people interact with businesses. The mobile tipping point has long since passed; as has the discussion of whether-or-not it is important, because we know it is. In 2016, the average time spent browsing on smart phones in the U.S. was 87 hours per month (Smart Insights). We also know that 60 percent of website traffic can be traced to mobile devices and that retail mobile sales in 2016, increased by 43%. We are in an attention economy and there is no better tool to immediately meet the needs of members, than a mobile device.

In my article, “Create a Memorable Buying Experience for Members,” CU Insight, 3/8/17, I discuss the ability to engage in a two-way relationship with members in our constantly connected world. This is such a powerful tool to stay relevant with members at each step of their journey with your credit union. Customer service plays a leading role in making this channel a successful sales tool. In our auto buying platform the ability to follow the member through the buying process was imperative. Throughout a member’s visit, there are built-in lead generating features such as the payment and refinance calculator, building a vehicle, saving build outs, it’s all there for you to interact with members, and bonus; it’s mobile responsive as well. Take the time to address your mobile connectivity with members, you will be very happy you did!

Please follow this link to my article in CU Insight addressing how to create a mobile buying experience for members.

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