By: Tasha Riddle, Client Relations Coordinator, GrooveCar

When credit unions partner with GrooveCar our relationship begins with a period of onboarding, a fancy term for gaining more knowledge. We cover all aspects of the program along with strategies for creating a message your members will get excited about. After all, they are being introduced to their new auto resource! With 34 percent of loan business being derived through autos, this is a really great way to serve your members.

Joining the program doesn’t end with just signing the contract. It’s really just the beginning as we counsel you on industry best practices to capture more loan growth from your members. We provide clean and easy strategies to promote the resource to your members who are in the market to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. As you know, this is an incredible time to be in the automotive market, serving your members with a multifunctional resource is just the start of great things to come.

Your new auto buying resource is both unique to your credit union and the membership you serve. The reason for this? We want the GrooveCar platform to become part of your credit union’s brand. We provide all the customized marketing materials designed to spark member interest and generate buzz. Here’s the great news, we do it all for you! The platform is easily adopted onto your website. Once you give us the green light to move forward, we take care of the rest and we have you ready to deploy within a week. From the moment you partner with us, and lasting the entire time you are on the program, we are with you every step of the way…adding features, customization, best practices, marketing content, etc.  

Onboarding provides credit unions with all the information about the program and marketing support materials we create for you. After that, it is just a click here and there, and your website is launched. It really is that simple and we do all the heavy lifting for you. Once the initial launch phase is over, you will hear from us on a regular basis to discuss the fun stuff like latest industry trends and how we can work together to take advantage of emerging markets. We are a hands-on group, firmly believing in a collaborative effort with your team. This mindset sets us apart from other vendors who you probably had the misfortune of working with. You know who they are…the ones who only care about collecting their monthly fee, and you’ll be lucky to ever hear from them again except for when the contract is about to expire. 

The main difference you will find with our program is the support services in the form of industry counseling, ready-to-use marketing materials, performance analytics, new program enhancements and our availability. We will set up meetings to discuss what is important to you on a regular schedule to ensure your success. We want you to make informed decisions and not guess as to what will work or not work. Your time is valuable so let us get you to the finish line quicker and with a more refined strategic plan to engage your members and capture their loans. 

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