By: Robert O'Hara, VP Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar & CU Xpress Lease

Are members responding to your auto resource? It seems like a simple enough question. When it comes to discussing the performance duties of your brand’s most important marketing tool, many credit unions come up short on answering this.

I recently authored the article; “Should online car buying be educational or a sales tool?” in CU Insight, January 10, 2018. I discuss members online purchasing habits and other important information credit unions need to review when scrutinizing their websites. Periodic review of this sales channel is essential for continued member satisfaction and growth. Don’t stop there! I encourage CUs to look at how in-branch efforts can support traffic to your auto resource. The goal is to have your site to be the first place members go to learn about your financial offerings. When they get there, you want to hold their engagement with resources such as trade-in values, vehicle comparisons, available inventory from area dealerships, loan calculator and pre-approvals, relevant content on new vehicles and more. Your resource should operate as a vital source of lead generation for your credit union, so don’t push this valuable tool aside.  

Too often, we get caught up with the loan portion of our connection with the member. There are valuable relationship building opportunities being neglected along the journey to closing any loan. The article helps explore how to rewind the process and stay relevant along the journey.

Here are some important reminders when it comes to reviewing your websites:

  1. 1. Is your website demonstrating all you offer to your members?       
  2. Is your website responsive?
  3. Is your website engaging? It is easy for the member to locate what they need?
  4. Are you being social enough? Auto buying is fun! Are you making this a priority on social networks? Did you know cars rank 37th in them most searched keyword with 1.2 million searches a month?
  5. Is your website attractive? At GrooveCar we spend countless hours on optimizing and designing the platform to meet the latest trends to capture the interest of members. Your auto resource is doing its part, are you doing yours? You get one chance to impress, let’s work together to get this done.
  6. Engaging content will generate 67% more traffic than sites that ignore this important consideration. The GrooveCar auto resource offers visitors engaging content specific to all aspects of choosing a vehicle and financial options.
  7. Does your website do more than just bring in traffic? A gorgeous website is one thing, but if it’s not delivering the goods a member wants, all those pretty graphics are standing all alone with no substance. The member needs to get to where they need to go, or they will move on.

Auto loans are one of the most important products your credit union offers, make it a goal in 2018 to give your website the online presence it deserves. Call us for a review and how our program can be engaging and results driven.

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