Did you know car buyers spend 59% of their time dedicated to shopping online during their journey for a new vehicle? That’s a lot of time online. How are you capturing their interest during this time? Your auto buying resource is working, even when your credit union is not open. The peak time for auto buyers to research online is 8PM. It’s comforting to know while your members are shopping, the auto buying platform is collecting leads and interacting with members through the various onsite tools. How are you helping to drive member interest to your resource? It’s important because there are so many choices on the internet, make sure members know about your resource. This is a great way to increase member satisfaction while growing credit union portfolios.

Top 5 Activities of Online Car Shoppers:

  • 71% Research new cars
  • 68% Look at cars listed for sale
  • 64% Comparison shop
  • 63% Look up trade in values
  • 46% Look up or locate dealer information

Features on GrooveCar’s auto platform provide alerts for all those activities during member engagement.


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