Hauppauge, New York —GrooveCar (www.groovecar.com), the leading auto buying resource for credit unions, has announced the launch of its new website. The Everything Automotive platform has a brand new look combined with valuable features to improve the member experience throughout the vehicle shopping process. “We are elated to bring credit unions and their members the new GrooveCar website. Our previous website served us well and delivered millions of auto loans to our credit union partners while helping countless members drive away in the vehicle of their dreams. It’s 2016 and the emphasis is on mobile responsive design while serving up the latest information to insure the vehicle research and buying process is seamless,” explains Frank Rinaudo, Senior Vice President, GrooveCar.

The launch today represents the next generation of mobile responsive websites designed to deliver information the user can experience. “One of the first impressions the user will feel is the clean, crisp look, bold graphics and easy navigation.  While pleasing to the eye, the focus of the site is to engage and deliver a car buying experience. The site is easy to use and gets the user right to where they want to be in the car purchasing process or come back later as searches and information can be saved,” explains Robert O’Hara, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar.

New to the redesigned site are:  A search tool displaying vehicle choices from all angles; payment calculator that populates searches with monthly payment commitment you are comfortable with, along with current vehicle articles, videos, and a loan application tool—customized to match credit union branding.  Since 1999, GrooveCar has been providing the most advanced search and loan application tools for credit union members as they begin contemplating the purchase of a new or pre-owned vehicle.

With over a year of development and design, the SUPRtec (Smart User Preference Resource Technology) is the horse power behind the site, making it unique to the online car buying community. SUPRtec smart technology powers several key functions on the new website: Smart Payment Calculator, Right Fit Search Preference Tools and My Cars. “These tools are responsive and interactive to meet the preferences of today’s online shopper,” added O’Hara.

Once the user has explored the site—checked out the cars, taken a virtual test drive. It’s onto the Smart Payment Calculator, a great first place to get serious. This tool assists users in their car search journey as the calculator populates every car viewed with the price they can expect to pay, based on their financial commitment.

The Right Fit Search Tool gets down to business utilizing user profile and car preference information to help streamline the search process; this refines the search and helps the user view the cars that meet their preferences. “What is important to the car buyer will be reflected in the results of their searches. It is the next wave of smart technology which matches user preferences and delivers the inventory based on input criteria. Plus, what you can expect to pay is also displayed. These tools are not only super intuitive, but really practical and useful,” states O’Hara.

In addition to displaying payment information, the Right Fit feature displays vehicle searches on one side and when highlighted, the vehicle’s options are shown. Choice of colors, photos of the vehicle from all angles, safety features, drive train information and all the information available from the manufacturer, is in full view. Take a closer look by building the car of your dreams or comparing vehicles against one another. Apply for a loan or save data can all be accomplished in the Right Fit function.

When members are done searching, they are prompted to apply for a loan, right from the auto resource. Want to continue at a later date? All searches are saved in the “My Cars” feature. GrooveCar has created an auto buying experience for credit union members as they embark on their journey to purchase the car of their dreams. For the credit union, the auto buying resource provides an interactive platform with advanced technology to assist members often before the spark of desire for a new vehicle is ignited.  Stated O’Hara, “In summary, the program was built around making the car buying user experience to be extremely friendly, and resourceful, without the distractions found on other car buying sites.  In return, users will come back often during the four month average car buying process, thereby driving more leads for the credit unions to capture more loans.  We are excited about what we have built but even more excited about where we are going to take this next.  Stay tuned!”  

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