Joining the GrooveCar team in 2020, Mallory Fanning serves as the Dealer Relationship Manager for GrooveCar and CU Xpress Lease dealers in Westchester, Rockland and the Hudson Valley. While building and maintaining professional relationships, Mallory ensures the success of our dealers by utilizing analytics to adapt and optimize strategies to sell more vehicles and increase profits. In her role, Mallory also assists with onboarding new dealers, as well as funding, and troubleshooting any issues that dealers may have.

“I love working with people and fostering those relationships. I am a people-person and love being out talking business with car retailers,” she said. “It’s fun and exciting, and I get to experience something new every day. I am learning so much and continuously strive to provide more value to our program dealers.”


Why are you proud to work at GrooveCar? 

GrooveCar has a wonderful and very professional reputation. I am proud to be a part of a company that cares about the relationships we build and is setting the pace in the industry.


What is your favorite memory at GrooveCar?

The first time I walked into a dealership with Rich Hess (Senior Manager, Lease & Retail), everyone knew who he was and was talking with him like they were old pals. I knew then that I was working for an organization that really cared about its partners.


What was your first car?

1998 Nissan 300ZX


What do you currently drive?

2017 Subaru Forester


What is your dream car?

Mercedes Benz G-Class Wagon


What is your favorite movie car?

1951 Ford F1 from Forrest Gump


CU Xpress Lease is the nation's #1 originator of credit union auto leases. Our program does not compete with your captive, instead targeting vehicles not supported by the manufacturer. This allows your dealership to sell more vehicles and increase profits! Interested in learning more? Request more information from Mallory here.

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