Tablet demonstration stations of newly released, innovative website

GrooveCar will unveil its newly launched auto buying resource at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC), February 21-25 in Washington. The expanded booth, with interactive displays, will allow visitors to test drive the platform in real time. “The millennial-friendly, mobile responsive site will be the main focus of the exhibit, however, the booth has been redesigned to match the sleek and advanced appearance of our new platform,” explained Robert O’Hara, Vice President of Strategic Alliance, GrooveCar.

The booth was created to showcase the new resource while allowing visitors the room to inquire and learn about the program and support services offered, in a comfortable setting. GrooveCar executives will be available to discuss the auto buying industry as it pertains to credit union growth opportunities. They will also delve into supplementary services provided to each partner credit union, when joining the program. “We always enjoy our booth consultations on auto buying trends with credit unions, there is such a tremendous amount of optimism in the industry and for good reason. We want to help drive auto loan growth to their doorstep, this next generation of the program will accomplish this,” stated O’Hara. 

The GrooveCar auto buying resource provides credit unions with the ability to serve members with all the latest information necessary to research and purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. There is a lot of wonderful lead generation functions built into the site for the credit union, as well. “Auto buying has changed for all parties involved. Today’s consumer demands a smooth and quick process to obtain their desired vehicle and credit unions want a solid auto lead generation tool coupled with marketing support,” explained O’Hara. While the GrooveCar program provides members with a single destination to review options, read reviews, calculate payments, secure a loan and drive off with a vehicle matching all their prerequisites, credit unions are provided with information as members conduct certain tasks. 

The mobile responsive website was designed for everyone, but especially for the next generation of car buyer in mind, the millennial. The central communications hub for the millennial is the smartphone spending an average of 5 hours a day on it. When it comes to car buying, research has found the average millennial spends 14 hours over 4 months researching auto related information, increasingly reaching for the phone to do so. This highly connected group also represents a generation with never before seen buying power. There are 80 million millennials in the U.S. representing a fourth of the population with $200 billion in annual buying power. “When the site was designed, viewership by this demographic was a major priority. The user is a click away from obtaining the information needed to reach the desired result,” added O’Hara.

 All the bells and whistles are there: A search tool displaying vehicle choices from all angles; payment calculator that populates searches with monthly payment commitment the user is comfortable with, along with current vehicle articles, videos, and a loan application tool—customized to match credit union branding. These tools are responsive and interactive to meet the preferences of today’s online shopper. 

When members are done searching, they are prompted to apply for a loan, right from the auto resource. Want to continue at a later date? All searches are saved in the “My Cars” feature and an alert is sent to the credit union regarding the member’s activity. GrooveCar has created an auto buying experience for credit union members while providing the credit union with an auto buying resource to generate loan growth. 

The program was built around making the car buying user experience extremely friendly, and resourceful, without the distractions found on other car buying sites. In return, users will come back often during the car buying process, thereby driving more leads for the credit unions to capture more loans. 

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