HAUPPAUGE, NY, April 8 – GrooveCar Direct (www.groovecarinc.com), the leading auto buying resource for the nation’s credit union industry, today announced a partnership with four national credit unions–Elgin, IL-based Corporate America Family CU (www.cafcu.org), Rochester, MN-based First Alliance (www.firstalliancecu.com), Morgantown, WV-based Morgantown AES FCU (www.aesfcu.com) and Wymar FCU of Geismar, LA.

First Alliance Vice President-operations Lisett Comai-Legrand explained, “We sought to position our credit union as a one-stop-shop for our members’ vehicle needs and GrooveCar’s simple, straightforward and easy-to-implement approach adds value to our member relationships.”

Robert O’Hara, GrooveCar vice president of strategic alliances, stated that GrooveCar Direct’s custom auto buying resource differs from other credit union auto buying programs by its credit union-centric approach. “By focusing upon the credit union, the marketing of their auto products and their loan goals, rather than the dealer, our product can improve ROI, generate organic auto loan growth and provide non-interest income while serving members’best interests.”

Corporate America Family FCU has a membership of 65,000 with assets exceeding $559 million. It has 19 branch locations across 12 states.

First Alliance FCU serves a membership of more than 12,000 with assets exceeding $137 million.

Wymar FCU has a membership of approximately 4,000 with assets of $81 million.

Morgantown AES FCU has assets of $40 million serving over 5,000 members, with three branches in Morgantown, WV.

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