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GrooveCar, the nation’s leading online automotive buying resource for credit unions, announces five new partners have joined the program: Telco Plus of Longview, TX; Picatinny FCU of Dover, NJ; Port Washington FCU of Port Washington, NY; Lehigh Valley FCU of Allentown, PA; and Longview Consolidated CU of Longview, TX. 


“Our program provides credit unions with the ability to grow from within, while providing members with the best data, research and value in the auto buying market. Additionally, we provide the relevance credit unions so desperately need in order to communicate effectively to their membership, while increasing their loan growth and product-per-member ratios,” explains Robert O’Hara, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar.


The U.S. auto industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, surpassing original sales estimates for 2015. All market indicators predict another record-breaking year for 2016. This is the best time for credit unions to look towards meeting members’ auto buying needs. In a recent GrooveCar survey, credit unions from across the U.S. were asked; what areas of growth were a priority for them? Over 50 percent responded they would be concentrating on their auto loan growth, ahead of mortgages, credit cards and home equity loans. GrooveCar researches the automotive and finance industry, along with conducting countless surveys and studies to consumers, credit unions and dealers focused on the areas which will help make our auto buying resource valuable and useful to all served. GrooveCar provides a host of resources members can access during the car buying process designed to streamline the procedure. 

“Our program aims to make the manner of completing all the essential tasks of researching and locating a vehicle, timely for the member,” states O’Hara. Some of the features members will enjoy include a search tool displaying vehicle choices from all angles, a payment calculator that populates searches with a monthly payment commitment the user is comfortable with, current vehicle articles and videos, and the very popular loan application tool. All of these features on the website are designed to match the credit unions’ branding while offering a clean, crisp look accompanied by easy navigation. 

The GrooveCar program provides information relating to auto-buying and leasing that is appealing to the member and gives the member a reason to investigate a credit unions’ auto offerings in greater detail. 

“The success of the GrooveCar program is not predicated on what size the credit union is or where they are located or what type of charter they have. As long as the credit union wants to close more auto loans with their existing members or enhance their dealer relationships, this program will drive results,” adds O’Hara.

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