Credit unions look to grow auto loan portfolios through vehicle buying platform


Auto sales results for 2015 are beating out earlier predictions. For the first time since 2000, the industry witnessed an incredible fall sales period with back-to-back months of 18 million vehicles sold. As the historic car buying year is coming to a close, the future remains bright. Car buying is up 13.6 percent over last October and with that comes renewed interest in delivering the right automotive buying product for credit union members. “Credit unions realize the time is now to capture member interest at all stages of the car buying process,” stated Robert O’Hara, VP of Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar, Hauppauge, NY. 

There is a lot of competition to capture the attention of the member, the GrooveCar program addresses this need by developing a “go-live” process that can be completed in under an hour. “Our professionals from tech support to product branding, work with credit unions on all levels to streamline the process,” states O’Hara. The comprehensive resource provides consumers with tools to access: A virtual test drive, auto research portal, comparison tools, auto build out features, history reports, safety reports and car values—all branded to the credit union while cross promoting the other related products offered. 

Cars are affordable, financing is readily available and the employment outlook is very positive, all of this helps to create a climate for buyers. The credit union can access an array of marketing tools with regular consultations designed to address their specific marketing needs. “The GrooveCar program comes with a full marketing, public relations and creative department offering their expertise in social media, video marketing, public relations tools and publishing guidance. There is no other program like it on the market offering this full-service approach,” answered O’Hara.

Joining the GrooveCar program are Extra Credit Union, Warren, MI; Triboro Postal, Flushing, NY; Coast-Tel, Salinas, CA; and New Jersey Law and Public Safety, Trenton, NJ. Credit unions have an important message to send their members when it comes to vehicle buying. The GrooveCar program helps them achieve this through customized messaging, promotional assistance and an online resource specific to their members. 

Helping credit unions achieve success is accomplished through a multi-faceted approach. “The program is a full-service car research and shopping website branded to each credit union. GrooveCar supplies all the tools necessary to shop, secure financing and drive away. Every step of the way our team at GrooveCar assists with marketing support to deliver the message to every member about the credit union’s auto buying platform,” explained O’Hara. 

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