By Robert O’Hara, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar Inc.


With solid planning, a little effort, your auto resource will become a convenient service to members, and an asset for auto loan growth.

It sounds easy enough; launch it and they will come. Under the right circumstances and with the ground work laid, this can easily be accomplished. The moment your new auto resource goes live, is just the beginning of having a better and more involved relationship with your members.  It will take some effort to make sure members know about the new resource because you’ll want to build momentum as the announcement date approaches. Below are some tips on getting the word out and generating excitement.

At GrooveCar we assist you every step of the way to provide the marketing and technical support your credit union can rely on for a seamless deployment of your new platform. From customized digital marketing and graphics for use on social media to building your preferred dealer network, the GrooveCar team will be with you each step of the way.

Engagement Strategies:

  1. In-branch activities: GrooveCar provides print-ready art for your credit union to use around the branch and other member traffic areas. We have a library of videos for use on digital displays that increases visibility for your new resource. We encourage credit unions to engage with these activities, and utilize other great ideas we offer through our one-on-one marketing meetings designed to address your individual goals.
  2. Digital materials: GrooveCar provides print ready or digital files for seasonal and general marketing campaigns. Use on social media, for email campaigns, branch events and flyers to distribute. The goal is to reach members at all touch points. We make sure your credit union has the support necessary to accomplish this.
  3. Content: GrooveCar provides the right balance of content on your auto resource to keep your members educated and engaged. From CarFax reports, saved searches to trade in values, the feature rich resource helps members with the items they need to make decisions while on your credit union’s platform.
  4. Lead generation: To keep credit unions informed each step of the way on member interactions, our lead generation features are found throughout the site. This provides easy access for communications between the member and the credit union for a variety of needs.

One of the cornerstone features of the auto resource is to keep members on site for the longest possible time, this helps with overall SEO, an important ranking feature of Google. Because of the highly engaging features, members tend to spend more hours shopping online for a vehicle with you and coming back to visit more often, than any other product your credit union carries.  In fact, 97% of car buyers begin their vehicle search online spending 14 hours over 4 months researching all the options from make and model to financing. This is an engagement tool your credit union shouldn’t be without. Schedule a demonstration and learn about all the features to grow auto loan portfolios and increase member satisfaction.

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