Cleaning the List

How often do you clean your email list or add to it? Email lists are important to maintain for sales and brand awareness. When was the last time your credit union ran a special giveaway or contest to get addresses? For example, $5 coffee and gift cards, $5-dollar credit to account, coupon specials promoting a lowered loan rate, limited supply giveaways, or a ride-on child’s sports car. Give something that will be of value to inspire action.

  • Collecting addresses: Pop-ups and sign-ups on your website, in-branch messaging, buck slips, banners on your website and having staff talk to customers about your email address campaign.

Keep them clicking!

Let’s review tips to improve email open rates:

  • Create an engaging subject line
  • Address it to one person
  • Create quality content
  • Send from person, not a company
  • Send at the right time
  • Avoid spam filters: Stay away from words like “sale,” “free,” “rich,” or “deal.” Limit links in body of email.
  • Don’t buy leads
  • Format for mobile devices
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