• Collegedale Credit Union (Collegedale, TN)promotes the auto buying resource during the HOLD message, where it discusses all the great features members should be aware of.
  • Best Reward Credit Union (Brook Park, OH)sends out specific email blasts to members. We ran across one that came over during inclement weather, “Need a winter vehicle?” We also want to commend them on the very visible “Auto Buying Center” button that makes it very hard for members to miss this prompt.
  • Community Resource (Latham, NY)sends out an email to members searching online reminding them they can do all their financing from one location, while offering immediate assistance. They too, provide a very visible way for members to get to the resource.
  • Coast 2 Coast Credit Union(Tampa, FL) is partnering with a local radio station to promote products and services on air and on the radio station’s website.
  • Emery Federal Credit Union(Cincinnati, OH)worked with a local TV station to highlight its auto resource with 9 different spots during the show “At the Movies” featuring Emery’s Todd Cain, CEO.
  • The Heart Center Federal Credit Union (Roslyn, NY)has taken advantage of their auto resource’s incentive feature by offering a 30-day interest, lock-in rate, when applying for an auto loan.
  • Loan officers at West Virginia Federal Credit Union (West Charleston, WV)added a link and image of the auto resource to their email signatures to increase communications.
  • Schools Systems FCU (Albany, NY)is promoting their auto buying platform during the “on-hold” message. The message helps members learn more about the great features they will find when they shop for a vehicle.
  • SECNY (Syracuse, NY)says their promotions are “running on all cylinders!” The credit union has had great results using the GrooveCar promotion tool on their website. They are so thrilled with the promotions page they plan on running several more CU events using this feature.
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