GrooveCar announces next webinar for credit unions will be October 5th

 HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. - Sept. 28, 2017 - PRLog -- GrooveCar, the nation's leading online auto buying resource for credit unions, announces its newest webinar. On October 5th at 2PM EST, the webinar entitled, "Connect with Millennials to Ensure Auto Loan Growth," is open to all. Those attending will learn strategies on how to better connect with millennial auto buying members. The webinar will address how to be relevant with millennial members and capitalize on this new automotive shopping journey.

With record auto sales each year, the movement behind the success is taking place online, understand what drives this consumer group who utilize the internet for all purchases from clothes to cars. Learn effective approaches to generating more long-term growth, and why this is important to your credit union. The webinar will provide the most current information about millennials and how credit unions can put themselves in the best position to serve them.

"Credit union executives who view millennials as a desirable target market and those credit unions who are struggling to do so, will benefit. This webinar explains in detail the different approach and marketing skills needed to reach this member cohort," explains Eric Budzinski, AVP of Marketing, GrooveCar Inc.

The Internet is exploding with car buying opportunities for consumers. Credit unions are positioned to service members and provide them with the specific and localized information they are looking for. Understanding how the online experience fits into the growth strategies for building auto loan portfolios, while serving members' needs, is one of the main messages of the webinar.

"The time is now for credit unions to learn how easy and affordable it is to provide a resource to address not only auto buying interests of members, but other services as well. Reaching the millennial market is something that shouldn't be ignored. We work with credit unions of all sizes to make sure there is a program that fits their budget and sales goals. Nothing should stand in the way," Budzinski offers.

The webinar is scheduled for October 5th at 2 PM EST, and will focus on the role millennials play in auto loan growth and how to best connect to achieve credit union goals. If this date or time is not convenient, GrooveCar will provide a personalized demonstration that will meet your schedule.

As with previous webinars, GrooveCar is thrilled to provide a 30-minute learning forum to increase growth and member engagement. 

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