GrooveCar Releases White Paper on Driving Loan Growth and Interactive Member Engagement

Empowering members with online auto buying and going beyond rate

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6 Steps To Boost Auto Loans

When it comes to auto loan promotions, credit unions can no longer turn to the same annual marketing strategy, claims one expert.

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GrooveCar Demonstrates Online Auto Buying Practices at NYCUA Conference

Annual meeting is a time to reconnect and recharge with Credit Unions!

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GrooveCar Online Engagement Increases for Partner Credit Unions

Reaching members with analytics that's driving business and engagement
GrooveCar, the nation's leading auto buying resource for credit unions, has released performance analytics for its online auto buying platform. The newly compiled numbers demonstrate a rise in online engagement and participation year-over-year (YoY), by members. GrooveCar now reaches over 4.3 million members, this is an increase of 58 percent over the previous year. "These numbers are important as they tell a story of growth among the credit union community. The shift to online car buying is happening before our eyes. Members depend on the information provided by their trusted credit union to make important financial decisions," states Eric Budzinski, AVP, GrooveCar.
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How Your Online Presence Helps Your Offline Activities

Did you know car buyers spend 59% of their time dedicated to shopping online during their journey for a new vehicle? That’s a lot of time online. How are you capturing their interest during this time? Your auto buying resource is working, even when your credit union is not open. The peak time for auto buyers to research online is 8PM. It’s comforting to know while your members are shopping, the auto buying platform is collecting leads and interacting with members through the various onsite tools. How are you helping to drive member interest to your resource? It’s important because there are so many choices on the internet, make sure members know about your resource. This is a great way to increase member satisfaction while growing credit union portfolios.

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