What Can the Super Bowl Teach Us About Member Engagement?

Imagine your credit union as an NFL team playing in the harsh competition of the Super Bowl. It’s the 4thquarter and the game is tied. The world is watching. Everything you do is magnified. Your successes are amplified, but on the flipside, your mistakes are never forgotten. The same goes for member engagement and customer service at your organization.  

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GrooveCar Direct Announces 17 New Credit Union Partnerships in Q3 2019

Over 350 credit unions have joined the GrooveCar Direct program nationwide!

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GrooveCar Direct Announces 19 New Program Partners in Q1 2019

GrooveCar Direct, the nation's leading online auto loan growth partner for credit unions, announces 19 new program partners in Q1 2019. Joining the program in Q1 2019 are:

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GrooveCar Direct introduces redesigned auto shopping website!

New design elements provide a seamless auto shopping experience

GrooveCar Direct, the nation’s leading resource for online auto research and shopping, is excited to announce the redesign of the homepage for its credit union partners. The new design, found at www.groovecar.com, streamlines the auto shopping process for its members by providing a modern and more user-friendly platform. This focus on a more robust and positive user experience follows the successful June redesign of its corporate website www.groovecarinc.com.

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Credit Union Branding Strategy: Where Should You Begin?

Developing a brand strategy is an essential component of marketing and a key to your credit union’s success. It solidifies how your credit union is viewed by members and those you are seeking to do business with. To be memorable, your credit union needs to go beyond creating a fancy logo, as branding represents everything you stand for and all that you are offering. When your brand is at work, it conjures up a positive recognition of who you are. This includes being known for great rates, loan products and services, and member service – and the ability to help members meet their financial goals.

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