By: Robert O'Hara, VP Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar & CU Xpress Lease

You should. As one of the fastest growing generations, with the potential to deliver 81 million or more potential credit union members, are you ready to serve this group? Do you really understand them? How to conduct business with them? If you answered yes, no or maybe, I have a webinar for you! At GrooveCar we have been keenly studying this generation for several years, we’ve had to along with other movements that need to be watched. We monitor market developments to stay ahead of trends so we can insure our product appeals to all generations.

Roughly born between 1980 and 2000, this is a very complex, diversified and large generation. When we looked at serving this generation, we not only had to look at the populations currently being served by credit unions, but also how to prepare for emerging ones, especially the Millennial. At GrooveCar, we are constantly applying customer research to the auto buying platform to stay competitive and desirable by users.

As we intently look at the Millennial, our research department spent many months processing information for this webinar. The information generated will assist in greater understanding and provide a blue-print on where to go to capture their interest. We continue to update our findings, however, we wanted to share what we have learned so far. In the last several weeks we kicked-off the first webinar on the topic of the Millennial. We had an excellent turnout and a lot of great follow up questions. The webinar lasted approximately 40 minutes, including a Q&A session, and is filled with statistics, our insights and an action plan to put your credit union in the path of a millennial’s business needs.

Here’s a peak into what you will learn by attending our free webinar: Connecting with them to ensure auto loan growth, important statistics which you can use for actionable items for engagement, technology usage and trends, future influences specific to them and your credit union, youth movement drivers, affluence predictions, car spending habits now and into the future, loyalty and what credit unions can expect. Key market drivers will help your credit union plan for future relationships with this emerging group.

I have planned other webinars on topics such as Leasing and Building Your Preferred Dealer Network. Future dates and times will be announced here, on our website and through email. If you would like to be alerted on these webinars and news items from us, please sign up here.

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