Automobile Subscriptions – Should Credit Unions Worry?

The newest trend in car ownership is actually not owning a car. A third ownership option has emerged beyond financing and leasing. Automobile subscription models have recently appeared on the market and people are starting to take notice. 

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GrooveCar Direct Announces 17 New Credit Union Partnerships

137,305 New Members Now Access Online Vehicle Buying Program and Suite of Services
GrooveCar Direct, the nation's leading online auto loan growth partner for credit unions announces 17 new partners have joined the program in Q2 2018. As members continue to perform daily tasks from the palm of their hand while on their phones, or in front of their computers, credit unions find the online buying program a perfect complement to meet members' needs. Members now spend over 46 percent of their time researching online (1) with third-party sites most used by 78 percent of car shoppers (2). These statistics, along with the delivering of loan growth results to partners, fuels the program's popularity. Credit unions are eager to find new ways to remain relevant with members during the vehicle buying process, the GrooveCar Direct program accomplishes this. The research and buying trends demonstrate that the need to be online, has never been stronger.
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The Right Channel for the Right Member

Social media has become an exceedingly effective weapon in any modern company’s arsenal. In recent years, it has been a great tool to help credit unions reach their members. Social media provides a different dimension of value to the member, beyond hard selling and promotions. Many that are new to the social media scene ask themselves, should credit unions be present on all social media channels to reach all of their members?

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Got summer on your mind? Make room for next year’s strategy!


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GrooveCar Releases White Paper on Driving Loan Growth and Interactive Member Engagement

Empowering members with online auto buying and going beyond rate

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