The Credit Union's Two Most Important Assets

The two most important assets of a relationship between a credit union and their members are trust and education. The member must trust the credit union, or else why would they have an account in the first place? The credit union should reciprocate and build off that trust with high quality educational tools. Teaching the member about financial services and being a valuable resource for the member is a surefire way to keep that trust strong.

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GrooveCar Brings Online Auto Buying to ACUC Conference

Joining the Ideas that Move, line up of innovators in Boston

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How to reach and get engaged without buying the ring!

GrooveCar, the online auto buying resource for credit unions announces a webinar addressing the member experience and engagement strategy. This new webinar entitled, How to Reach and Get Engaged Without Buying the Ring! is scheduled for June 27th, 2PM EST. To reserve your spot and learn more, please click HERE.

GrooveCar Member Experience webinar will review the key issues facing credit unions and the best practices surrounding them. This is part of an on-going series, offered throughout the year, for credit unions looking to learn about the latest trends that facilitates new growth amongst member ranks. "Membership experience is a hot topic right now for credit unions nationwide. This can often prove to be a very competitive battleground for your members' attention. The webinar explores the topic of membership experience and how to apply this concept to credit union strategic goals," explains Eric Budzinski, AVP, GrooveCar Inc.

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What is thought leadership and how can it help your credit union?

Looking for new ways to distribute your credit union’s information to members? Your credit union has a tremendous knowledge base to share with members, from mortgage information and auto loans, to great financial services. Members should be taking advantage of all these offerings. What’s the best way to push that information out to them?

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What Do Members Research Before Auto Loans?

The first thing your members do when they are in the market for a new car is research. They may ask their friends and family, they may look online, or they may consult with a dealership directly. During this phase of the car shopping process, what do shoppers look for most?

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