GrooveCar Transforming and Leading the Way in 2016

HAUPPAUGE, NY (October 30, 2015) — Starring down the road to a spectacular 2016 and beyond, GrooveCar will be unveiling a new auto buying platform, marketing products and promotional materials to help credit unions capture a greater share of the auto loan market. Auto sales are the best they have been in a decade, while the average age of an auto on the road still remains at 11 years old. Credit is readily available and there is no shortage of buyers. Industry bellwethers are predicting continued growth into the future with 2016 breaking records and experts anticipating 18.2 million vehicles will be sold in 2017; GrooveCar has the tools credit unions need to capture member interest and close more loans.

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Expect a Strong 2016

HAUUPAGE, N.Y.—Credit unions can expect auto lending to remain strong in 2016 due to several factors—one being that the CFPB is cracking down on lenders allowing dealers to significantly mark up the rate.

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GrooveCar Automotive Resource Reports Growth

Four Credit Unions Join National Online Auto-buying Program


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