NEW YORK—American Broadcast Employees FCU here is now offering members auto buying services through GrooveCar’s auto buying platform.

“The partnership will provide ABE FCU with all the auto-buying tools to service New York members as they begin their quest for a new or pre-owned vehicle,” stated Frank Rinaudo, SVP of the Hauppauge, N.Y.-based GrooveCar. “Members in New York will have access to the largest dealership network in the region, personalized customer service and the fastest online means to acquire the vehicle of their dreams.” 

The GrooveCar program provides credit unions with the ability to grow their auto loan portfolio from within while providing members with the best data, research and value in the auto buying market, continued Rinaudo. 

“The auto buying resource provides an interactive platform with advanced technology to assist members often before the spark of desire for a vehicle is ignited,” he said. “Additionally, the program provides the relevance credit unions need in order to communicate effectively to their membership while increasing loan growth and product-per-member ratios.”

While the GrooveCar program meets the car buying needs of credit union members, it also expands on the synergies present between the automotive dealer and the credit union, the company stated. The program enlists 90% of the dealerships in the region who promote financing through GrooveCar credit union partners. The service oriented program provides credit unions with a member service representative who assists members during car buying. 

“Credit union members on our program, in New York are provided concierge service during the purchase process which can cover anything from their choice of seating fabrics, to securing a loan. It’s a very thorough service,” added Rinaudo.

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