Change is in the air as the fall season can be witnessed in shorter days and cooler temperatures at night, in credit union boardrooms across the country it also signals a time to plan for 2017. Planning for new opportunities next year is a long and exhaustive process; I know I have been there. In 2016, GrooveCar experienced a major enhancement of its car-buying platform along with many new internal expansions in the marketing and sales departments. The old adage; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” just doesn’t apply when you and your partners have goals to meet.

At GrooveCar we wanted to introduce new sales strategies and marketing material for digital and traditional messaging, this required us to look at ourselves and conduct our own S.W.O.T. analysis. An expansion of this magnitude requires the input of everyone impacted, both internal and external, and the end result is to propel the company and our partners, to new levels of commerce. Rolling our sleeves up and digging in this past year, to make change work, paid off.

Our marketing team experienced change with the expansion of a substantial array of new product offerings nearly monthly. The goal to offer customized marketing materials to reach, educate and engage members at all stages of the car-buying journey was eagerly received by our partners. Serving as a marketing arm for our credit union partners was a necessary move and the feedback has been incredible. Not that we are looking for a pat on the back…our success is determined by our partners’ success and it is clearly working for them.

The talent pool at GrooveCar includes members of our art, marketing, public relations and content marketing departments that create unique ways to get your auto-buying message in front of members. This week GrooveCar attended a Google marketing summit to learn about all the latest programs that will be impacting our members’ marketing efforts. We take our roll very seriously from developing new resources all the way to proper execution. In the marketing newsletter, Kicking the Tires, information on the Google Summit will be shared with our members.  Industry best practices will be part of the advanced marketing product offering in 2017. I will share more on this in the upcoming newsletter and in future blogs. 

When making plans for 2017, I encourage you to look at really shaking it up! Relying on your talent to help achieve new heights doesn’t need to be a leap of faith. In my next blog post, I will be discussing in depth strategic planning based on an article I am currently putting the finishing touches on. We want to partner with you to reach those goals and we have the “next steps” to help you get there!

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