By Robert O’Hara, Vice President of Strategic Alliance, GrooveCar, a Fusion dba

There’s some exciting news to announce that is sure to bring a smile to members’ faces. GrooveCar has collaborated with Kelley Blue Book to deliver the wildly popular Price Advisor tool. You may have read about this in the recent press coverage we have been receiving. This newest feature to the auto resource provides users with greater knowledge as they research their next vehicle purchase. It comes as no surprise, the more information the better when it comes to shopping for vehicles. In our collaboration with Kelley Blue Book, the Price Advisor tool will offer information on what they should be paying for a new or used vehicle. This is a great way to help members during the shopping and research phase. The good news to credit unions? When members register for this and other tools on the resource, credit unions will be alerted. This is a fantastic lead generation tool.

While this is a wonderful benefit for members, it’s an even better opportunity for credit unions to engage with the member in another stage of buying. It’s our goal to ensure credit unions remain relevant at every stage of the process, this new buying tool will accomplish this for CUs.

Engagement has become a very important aspect of the member experience and GrooveCar is continually looking for new ways to make that happen for the credit union. In a recent Gallup research study, when customers are engaged, revenue will increase by 23 percent. These are opportunities a credit union doesn’t want to miss out on.  

The GrooveCar platform is built on engagement tools as there is no single method that tends to outshine or outperform another feature at any given time. They all work together. Therefore, we will continually be introducing the best new features members are looking for that will deliver results. Engagement is also important to your brand. Credit unions serve their communities and some news travels faster than others, which is why something good taking place should always be promoted. We encourage you to promote this newest feature to members in all correspondence, signage and social media postings. When there is news to share, we are all in on getting that out to members! Communicating with members builds loyalty and a positive member experience.

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