Trends and engagement are two words that we can’t get enough of, especially when it comes to applying them to our marketing programs. How do we tweak our current programs to incorporate the latest strategies, to reach members, without scraping all our best laid plans? It’s a challenge, but for 2017 try adding some of these to your overall program to brighten your relationship with members.

 1. Ditch the Data

While we spend countless hours sifting through all our analytics, this can sometimes impact creativity and personalization. The term “analysis paralysis” can be applied here as it may curtail the creative process. According to, step away from relying solely on data alone and look around at what is working in your conversations with members. Marketers are turning to customer-centric strategies, but this doesn’t mean ditching the opportunities presented by data. Look at what the analytics are telling you, and incorporate content ideas listed below to communicate your credit union’s story.

 2. Content Marketing 

Relevant content is the foundation of member engagement. It demonstrates your credit union’s knowledge, building thought leadership with your membership. Being valuable to members while reaching them on their level is accomplished with content.

 Social media is usually the best platform for your content marketing strategies. YouTube and Facebook have been the standard for a few years, but do not forget about LinkedIn as well. Let’s remember that professionals are consumers too, and this is a great place to leverage your message with members. According to LinkedIn, 80% of users will purchase from a brand they trust. You can remain committed to Facebook, just check out custom audiences which helps you to better target your audience and fine tune your message. This is a more effective way to spend your marketing time to personalize your content to members.

 3. Social Media Paid Content

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are considered growth platforms to reach consumers as the advertising format is both engaging and interactive. While organic growth through these channels remains a challenge, the paid content advertising is very effective while also being affordable. According to, Pinterest has a highly active and targeted user-base that can be a direct link to a purchase. Try a “promoted pin” this year, which are Pinterest ads by your credit union with fun informative imaging and a CTA. You can even add keywords and target specific audiences which is a great way to increase visibility for your credit union. Currently, companies do not need an Instagram account to run an ad, but they do need a Facebook account. When running ads on Facebook, include the option for Instagram when setting up your ad.

 4. Video Live Streaming

Video is a powerful tool that should be integrated into all aspects of your messaging, from in-branch to emails and social media. According to eMarketer, U.S. adults spend an average of 5 hours and 38 minutes viewing video every day, with cross device consumption driving that growth. Livestreaming your video on social media is becoming more commonplace as it creates an authentic and personable interaction with members. One way to increase engagement is with digital video messaging. Include this as part of 2017’s plan of action to increase the dialogue. If you’re running an event or promotion, use video during in-branch promotion and provide updates that create excitement through this new feature. In 2017, look for more of an emphasis on content shifting towards video as Facebook will now allow for paid amplification of live video as it is happening.

 5. Customer Service

In 2017 a term to include in your vocabulary is “member success.” Expectations and demographics are changing as technology evolves into a specialized experience. Member retention is key to profitability. Customer service is now responsible for opening the door to success for members, helping them to achieve their financial goals and ultimately aiding in credit union growth. The customer experience will incorporate the use of technology and new methods of reaching financial success with your members. The strategy to consider is to utilize cross channel customer experiences. For example, use social media as a way to have two-way communication regarding customer service, not just as a means of promotion. This is especially important when serving Millennial members, whose sheer numbers utilizing cross channel communications is reason enough. Embrace it, don’t get left behind. Tools empower members!

6. Education

Create an atmosphere a member will feel comfortable with, allowing them to access to your credit union’s expertise. The rewards will be beneficial and the members will keep coming back for more.

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